My Experience at Meito
My Experience at Meito High School An exchange student from Canada Four months have passed since I first arrived at Meito High School, and it has been such a pleasure to be here. The school has been able to show me aspects of Japanese culture and life that most foreigners would never see in their lifetime. I have been involved in such things as the school festival, tea ceremonies, calligraphy classes, and even the basketball club. It is amazing, as a foreigner, to see the effort students at Meito put into their festival; it was also very entertaining. Such cultural activities as the ceremonies and calligraphy are also awe-inspiring. Every aspect of these activities are taken to such amazing detail. Since I am a basketball player from Canada, it was also quite interesting to see how a team in Japan operates. I found the dedication and discipline on the team here at Meito to be phenomenal. I would not have been able to take part in these activities had it not been for this school. Finally, I cannot go on without complimenting the teachers and staff at Meito for their hard work and dedication in showing me what Japanese culture and life is like. I am so grateful for their kindness and consideration in showing me the language, life and culture of their country.

 My Year at Meito High School An exchange student from New Zealand After arriving at Meito High School, I remember feeling nervous as I sat with one of my new teachers waiting. Outside the small room I could hear the yells of happiness as the students met each other for the first time after the school break. This only heightened my sense of nervousness. However, after a few minutes Satoko sensei, my new homeroom teacher, came to collect me and bring me back to my new class, 2L. After introducing myself to the class, I took my seat amongst the students. Despite my shyness at being in a new environment, everybody around me started to talk to me using surprisingly good English to make up for my bad Japanese. Thanks to everybody’s kindness and generosity I was soon able to feel accepted into my new class and begin to make friends and develop my Japanese ability. An important part of school life at Meito High School is club activities. I decided to join the Brass Band Club, where everybody was kind and helpful and helped me to learn all my parts for each song. During my time in the Brass Band Club I took part in the training camp and was also able to play in the Nagoya City High School Tournament. Later in the year I decided to try a sports club and joined the Kendo Club where I have had a great time making friends and hitting people with bamboo swords!! As well as the clubs, Meito High School also offers great classes. As an exchange student I have been able to take special one-on-one classes in which I have learnt a lot about Kanji, Grammar, Calligraphy and Japanese culture. All of my teachers in these classes have been kind, interesting and funny and I have learnt a lot from them. Thanks to all the teachers and students at Meito High School I have been able to improve my Japanese and also gain a sense of confidence. This year has been one of the best and most interesting years of my life because of all the friends I’ve made and the things I have learnt during my time at Meito High School.

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