Club Activities
There are over 18 different clubs, many of which meet daily after school. Students spend long hours practicing in sports clubs like Kendo, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Track and Field, and of course, Meito’s excellent Soccer Club, which has fielded numerous champions and was flown to play matches in Turin, Italy in 2007. Apart from the sports clubs, there are traditional cultural activities such as Tea Ceremony or Noh Club, or more modern ones such as the Drama or Computer Clubs. The Foreign Languages Club is popular with both English and general majors, who get a chance to practice speaking in a more relaxed setting. Meito hosts the annual Meito English Speech contest, whose contestants compete in front of judges from the local universities. Another annual event that brings the school a lot of attention is the School Festival, renowned for its creativity and spirit of fun. Add to this the annual Meito Art Jam and the Spring and Fall Sports Days, and you get some idea of the energy and vitality of this campus and its fully packed calendar. Sports Clubs Tennis Track & Field Soccer Rugby Kendo Table Tennis Volleyball Basketball Rhythmic Gymnastics Badminton Baseball Swimming Handball Cultural Clubs Fine Arts Computer Brass Band Broadcasting Drama Homemaking Foreign Languages Noh Play Natural Sciences Tea Ceremony Movie Study Junior Red Cross Comics Dance
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